Business & Organization Partnerships
VISION: Gathering those who want to impact their community

Nothing brings us more excitement than when we all focus on the same goal. The reality is that we can acheive more together than we ever could apart. Business owners realize that a healthy community produces better customers and amazing employment candidates that will help take them further, but it's also how to create a truly meaningful business. Organizations who want to make an impact often have the financial resources, but often need the right relationship doors to open to accomplish more than they dreamed possible.

If you would like to unleash the power of our potential together, please contact us.

Innovation Hub South Africa
Vision: Supporting South Africans who are breaking the cycle of poverty

We have been honored to be a part of the dreaming, launching, and building of this amazing initiative in the township of Phillipi outside of Cape Town, South Africa.

iHub is making the development of digital skills education possible to those who would have little chance of entering this market. Whether is learning soft skills like customer service, creative skills like graphic design, or analytical skills like coding, the futures of these students are accelerating quickly. South Africa struggles with an extremely high unemployment rate, which leads to a myriad of social problems. Because these scholars are gaining access to the global economy, new doors are opening every day. However, there are everyday realities like lack of transport, home internet access, or supplies that can stand in the way of them completing the program.

Our goal is to gather the life-changing stories of these students and share them with you so you can watch how a small sacrifice can radically change someone's trajectory in life. We will be establishing a focus group that we can  journey with and encourage on a regular basis. We also plan to bring this group to the U.S. to learn from some of the leading tech companies in the world and to have a cultural experience like no other.

If you would like to help build into iHub South Africa or if you are an iHub student and would like to apply for our focus group, please contact us.

Innovation Hub USA
Vision: Building the lives of those in disadvantaged communities and creating a bridge between the USA and Africa

Within our target communities, there are enormous needs for providing opportunities. Our heart is to provide education, not only on how to build themselves and their local neighborhood, but also to learn and understand the world on a global scale as well. This knowledge can help individuals to see solutions to challenges that we couldn't see before.

In comparision to most of the world, resources are something the U.S. does not lack. By learning how to maximize those resources, we can not only help those who desire change in their own communities, but also help build up communities across the world.

Zero Waste Education
Vision: No Muck* Online Classes

Sometimes people think that zero waste living makes them have to wear entire outfits made of burlap, fit a year's worth of trash into a Ball jar, shower once a month, or poop in a hole full of sawdust. Although these choices can be great for some, they may not be great for you. Maybe you just want to learn more about your next "baby step" rather than trying to make your home in a hollowed out tree. With our online courses, we will educate you more about the choices you have and encourage you in your journey for more responsible living. Every choice you make and every dollar you spend can impact others, either positively or negatively. Even if you drive a gas guzzler that rips open the ozone, you will still be welcomed!

Highlighting Diversity
Vision: Expressing global stories and appreciating uniqueness

We have learned so much by living many years in some of the most culturally diverse areas of the world. We would love to share with you how understanding the strength of diversity can help you to see the world in a whole new light and, without a doubt, grow you in ways you never thought possible.

We also understand that differences can sometimes cause fear or friction in relationships. With the right perspective, it is possible to find a common ground that we all can stand on together while spotlighting what makes each of us one of a kind.

Watch this space as our desire is to highlight the lives and stories that will bring us closer to each other as we navigate the challenges of life.