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Our journey is one that even we can't believe ourselves. No Muck* was born out of the need to keep our hearts in the right places and our priorities in the right order. Our family of six has navigated through children with rare diseases and special needs, left a life of golf course living to serve others, lived in a 300 square foot RV, made a home in Africa, found friends among the homeless, delivered babies in the middle of slums, found the true beauty of diversity, and so much more. All of this led us to use what we have in our hands to build the lives of others. We have come to realize that our world needs less muck, whether it's in our relationships, our homes, our words, or our workplaces. Sometimes it's hard to see what's really rubbish, but we've come to realize that not one single life on this planet is a waste. Every individual has gifts, talents, and love that needs to be shared with the rest of us. Wanna go No Muck* with us?

We are a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and we exist to uplift your life and the lives of others.

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