Poverty Alleviation
Since 2012

This is a huge subject and we know it. When we decided to dive in, we first asked the question, "What exactly is poverty?" From there, our whole world opened up to help us realize that we do not have all the solutions. You can find poverty even amongst the most economically secure people. Although some symptoms of brokenness might be easier to see than others, we are set on developing partnerships that assist people to take the next step out of their situations.

Aquaponic Farming & Education
Since 2013

Through the amazing story of our son's rare disease, we taught ourselves about this agricultural technology, built a fully functional system in the US, and then carried our experience to South Africa. It was here where we built a commercial system that initially was used to feed the children of a small slum community. By training the locals and placing the power in their hands, the system has now grown into a large system that commerically distributes organic products that are sold in multiple locations and reinvested locally.

Food Security
Since 2020

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, we were able to help provide over 30,000 food parcels to some of the most impacted communities in South Africa.

Birth Education & Support
Since 2004

Throughout our journey, we've learned the potential of empowered moms across the world. When you provide the right information to communities regarding healthy lifestyles, prenatal care, and newborn education, you see women who are ready to raise the families they dream about. This has lead us to gain our own international birth assistance certification (DONA) and has allowed us to offer support during birthing in shacks, government facilities, and private hospitals. The honor of sharing in these experiences has been invaluable!

Partnering With The Homeless
Since 2016

There are many reasons why individuals don't have a home. Maybe it's a job loss. Maybe it's addiction. Maybe they actually prefer the lifestyle. Whatever the reason, there is an untapped amount of potential in this group that is often overlooked. Again, sometimes people just need an opportunity to show you their capacity. We continue to be amazed and are always learning more about life when we are amongst our friends in the homeless community!

Specially Abled Children
Since 2017

In the middle of one of the most economically unequal areas of Cape Town, there is a school that specifically serves children with special physical needs. It has been our honor to lead teams that have provided kids' clubs to give these children a bit of fun in the middle of their week. These students have taught us more than they ever could learn from us.

Health & Wellness Training
Since 2015

When communities are vibrant, they are able to function in their full capacity. Whether it's educating on nutrition, prenatal care, sexually transmitted diseases, natural resource use, or first aid, we've seen people equip themselves with knowledge that radically changes their lives. Since no life is a waste, we are passionate about giving people the opportunity to thrive in their environments!

Green Product Reviews
Since 2010

With a family of six, we have tested thousands of household items, health & beauty products, baby care items, clothes, toys, and more. We've seen and experienced the benefits of choosing things that make our bodies healthier, our homes more peaceful, and our relationships stronger. We love to share what we've learned with the world.

If you have something that needs an honest opinion and are interested in a collaboration effort, we'd love to hear from you. Please contact us HERE.

Since 2010

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